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Here's where to go to find out what is new with CheckLister XP! You can find out what version you have by going to "Tools/About CheckLister..." (PocketPC) or "Help/About CheckLister..." (Windows).

Version 2.41
Added "Comments" field for CheckList items.  Now you can attach a large amount of text to any item.
Modified to be compatible with PocketPC 2003.

Version 2.23
Fixed a bug in cut-and-paste operations on PocketPC and Windows versions.

Version 2.22
Improved search capability to allow for sub-string searches.  Also CheckLister XP for PocketPC now registers 'ckp' files with the operating system, so if you click on a CheckList in File Explorer CheckLister XP will automatically be started.

Version 2.2
Adds programmable custom view buttons and search ability.

Version 2.1
First release.